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Ismat, student Diagnostic radiographer on the frontline tells her story.

24th November 2020

A picture of a female student radiographer
Ismat, student Diagnostic radiographer

I initially wanted to study medicine and always wanted a career in health. My journey as a Diagnostic radiographer started when I went to an open day at the University of Cumbria. I also did some work experience at Royal Preston Hospital and from that moment I just knew this is what I wanted to do.

The thing that I love most about studying Diagnostic radiography is that everyday is exciting and different. Its hands on, I have a variety of tasks as each month is alternating, either doing lectures at university or on placement. I like working with patients and I’ve always been interested in learning about the anatomy. As a third-year student I feel prepared for my working career as a Diagnostic radiographer. I have a good understanding of what my working life will be like and what is expected of me.

During the pandemic, I’ve had to put everything I learnt into practice sooner than I expected. I volunteered to help during the COVID-19 outbreak at Royal Preston Hospital, doing chest x rays and abdomen x rays on patients to check for signs of COVID-19.

I was one of the tens of thousands of health students that signed up for paid volunteering, helping the NHS through the COVID-19 outbreak. I documented my experience on the frontline for the BBC.

My words of inspiration for anyone considering a career in Diagnostic radiography is that this is a unique opportunity, with so many ways to progress. The profession has changed and advanced so much over the past 20 years with new technology. There’s a lot of opportunities in the job, different career paths and many different specialisms.

Watch the BBC feature here

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