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Scenario 1: Joe, Orthoptist, 23, graduated 2 years ago, Band 5
Scenario 2, Bhavna, Therapeutic Radiographer, 35 graduated 6 years ago, Band 6
Scenario 3: Gavin, Podiatrist, 40 graduated 8 years ago, private practice
Scenario 4: Rosie, Prosthetist, 30 on maternity leave

How does funding work?

This section provides information for students on healthcare courses, including mature students and those straight out of school. It applies mainly to English domiciled students studying in England.

Are you concerned that you cannot afford to study? Are you wondering what your funding options are? Click on the sections below to see how it works…

Find out more about the additional financial support available to students of many allied health professions here.

How to fund your studies?

Support for placement related costs and other grants

Grants for students with dependents

Other financial support

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