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Top tips for UCAS applications for Prosthetic and Orthotic courses

20th December 2019

As the UCAS deadline gets closer, here’s some advice for those thinking of applying to become a Prosthetist or Orthotist, from Lauren Jennings for the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO).

  1. Make sure you have researched the course you are applying for and you know what it entails.  AHP courses are practical based and lead to jobs in healthcare after graduating. They are generally specific and lead to jobs in the area of the degree.
  2. Look into what skills the course requires and make sure they match up with what you enjoy and want to do. P&O isn’t just about biology and anatomy and a background and enjoyment of physics and maths is needed, it is also a course where you need to get hands on so if that is not for you then the course may not be either!
  3. Know which universities offer the course and be prepared to re-locate in order to study, also be aware you may need to move for placements and to get a job after
  4. Try to visit a centre prior to application and interviews to make sure the area of study is what you expect and want to do. If possible get a day of work experience, If you cannot get work experience try talking to a Prosthetist/Orthotist to see what the job is really like and whether it is right for you
  5. Have experience working with people. Working in a more medical type job is great (i.e. volunteering at a respite centre for a week) but even jobs in retail  or catering help as you get used to talking to lots of different types of people
  6. Try and expand your experience and work to reflect the course you are applying for. If you are doing an extended scope project try to pick a related topic, or do some additional first aid qualifications or volunteering to help you stand out. Applying for or getting your driving licence is also beneficial
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