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Free autumn webinar series – AHP special

5th October 2020

Thank you for attended our AHP special webinars. If you missed them, we will be uploading recordings of each webinar soon – please keep a look out!

Image to promote all 15 AHPs featuring AHP students and professionals

The SIHED team are dedicated to raising awareness of Allied health careers and invite you to explore some great content about the benefits of a career in professions such as Podiatry, Paramedic, Therapeutic radiography, Diagnostic radiography, Osteopathy, Dietetics, Occupational therapy, Orthoptics, Prosthetics and Orthotics. Our amazing Outreach Officers Emily Farrell, Michelle Tyler, Chris Jefferson and Tom Stephenson will be hosting AHP special webinar dates and times.

Guest speakers from the professions will also be joining the webinars to tell you about these amazing careers! Book your place now!

Introduction to the Allied Health Professions – Therapeutic Radiography Special

A therapeutic radiographer treats and cares for people with cancer, offering support while using highly advanced technology to target and destroy cancer cells with radiation. The role includes looking after patients, their families and carers during radiotherapy – answering questions, prescribing treatment for any side-effects, and offering emotional support and a friendly presence.

Introduction to the Allied Health Professions – Orthoptics Special

Join our live webinar focusing on Orthoptics, we will cover the role of an Orthoptist, conditions they will treat and the routes to becoming an Orthoptist.  Orthoptists are the experts in diagnosing and treating defects in eye movement and problems with how the eyes work together, called binocular vision. These can be caused by issues with the muscles around the eyes or defects in the nerves enabling the brain to communicate with the eyes. This webinar is designed for all students interested in learning about an exciting career in Orthoptics and Vision Science.

Introduction to Allied Health Professions – Occupational therapy special

An occupational therapist helps people continue their work, studies, leisure activities and everyday tasks during illnesses, injuries, disabilities or ageing. They can help people learn to use assistive technology, help adapt their home or workplace to meet their needs, and work with people to find new ways to approach tasks.

Introduction to the Allied Health Professions – Prosthetics and Orthotics Special

Join our live webinar to learn more about the role of Prosthetics and Orthotics! Prosthetists and orthotists design, fit, adjust and maintain mechanical devices that attach to patients’ bodies to help them move or to treat an issue. Prosthetists work with prostheses – artificial limbs. A patient might need a prosthesis if they were born without a limb, or after an accident or trauma. Many prosthetics patients are veterans. Orthotists work with orthoses – devices like splints, braces or insoles that work like scaffolding for part of the patient’s body. A patient might see an orthotist if they have diabetes, arthritis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or sports injuries, among many others.

Introduction to the Allied Health Professions – Podiatry Special

Join our live webinar focusing on podiatry, where we will be joined by a real life Podiatrist, they will be reflecting on their role and how they got to where they are today.  Podiatrists are specialists in conditions of the lower limb and they belong to the job family called the Allied Health Professions. They play a key role in reducing pain and helping people maintain their mobility and independence, and in many cases the focus of their role is also preventative.

Introduction to the Allied Health Professions – Paramedic Special –

A paramedic responds to a range of emergency and non-emergency situations, travelling in an ambulance or car, or by bike or motorbike. Whatever the situation, paramedics are usually the first health professionals on the scene. They assess patients and make potentially life-saving decisions about whether and how to treat people at the scene, or transfer them to hospital.

Introduction to the Allied Health Professions – Diagnostic Radiography Special

A diagnostic radiographer uses the latest technology to look inside people’s bodies and work out what is causing their illnesses.  Diagnostic radiographers

They use x-rays to look at bones and foreign objects inside the body, fluoroscopy to livestream from inside the digestive system, and angiography to investigate inside veins and arteries, among many more techniques. We are very fortunate to be joined by Chris Kalinka, a Diagnostic Radiographer and the President of the Society of Radiographers.  He will be sharing his career experience and answer any questions you may have.

Introduction to the Allied Health Professions – Osteopathy Special

An osteopath manipulates muscles and joints, in combination with using exercise and physical therapy, to help with pain and promote better general health. Osteopaths are experts in the musculoskeletal system and diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, working closely with physiotherapists, podiatrists and other members of the allied health family.

Introduction to Allied Health Professions – Dietetics special

A dietitian helps people make informed and practical choices about food, based on the science of nutrition. As well as diagnosing and treating dietary and nutritional problems, dietitians teach the public – and other health professionals – to understand food, promote good health and prevent disease. Patients who want to lose weight, or to gain weight after an illness, or to improve their sports performance, all might visit a dietitian. Dietitians also help patients who have eating disorders, digestive problems, HIV or allergies.

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