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Primary resources
Register for FREE radiography webinars!!

The Society of Radiographers will be hosting two FREE webinars which will look at what it takes to have a career in radiography, particularly therapeutic and diagnostic radiography. Whether you have been thinking about a career in healthcare, or not sure what AHP to choose, these webinars will give you an insight into radiography and an overall insight into healthcare careers!

Speakers will include;

  • Jo McNamara, Senior Lecturer, SHU & Macmillan Therapeutic Radiographer Clinical Fellow
  • Hazel Pennington, Principal Therapeutic Radiographer, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust & Macmillan Therapeutic Radiographer Clinical Fellow

Register for the two webinars now:

Therapeutic Radiography
Teacher, Parent, Career Advisors
Resource Pack for Careers Advisers and school-based Careers Leaders
Introducing the Allied Health Professions

Download information about the 15 allied health professions.

Introduction to the Allied Health Professions Podiatry Special
Prosthetics and Orthotics Special – Introduction to the Allied Health Professions
STEM Learning resources

STEM learning has a wide range of free to use resources to support STEM subjects. The library Includes career profiles for health and care professions including radiography

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eGFI (Engineering Go For It!)

eGFI is a set of online resources from the American Association of Engineering Education (ASEE) which offers a wide range of lesson plans and activities for STEM subjects for all school years, including several relevant to AHPs including prosthetics and orthotics.

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Career planning resources

These resources have been developed by Health Education England for careers advisers and teachers to support knowledge about health careers.

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The WOW Show

A film made for schools in 2019, featuring all of the AHPs.

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Discovering Orthoptics
Discovering Podiatry
Activities to introduce the AHPs

Students will learn what an Allied Health Professional is, the different roles and the sorts of things they do in their jobs.

Lesson plan
Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) Primary

Identify and select words and terminology used in everyday work as an Operating Department Practitioner.

Lesson plan
Introduction to Allied Health Professions: primary

This session will increase students’ awareness of the 15 different allied health professions, their roles and how they operate as part of the NHS and private sectors.

Lesson plan